Hugs; My way to survive

Wanna know why I always want a hug? Because I feel hugs makes the pain go away for a little while, and I become alittle happier. It means that for a short while I worry less, and manage to smile. It keeps my barrier, or facade, up. I look happy, but really I am not. I struggle a lot. And what supports me and keeps me up are the people who cares about me, and loves me. The people who talks to me, listen to me, helps me. The people who gives me a hug when I need it. This way I don't feel alone. This way I manage to keep on, even how difficult it is. I battle with myself every day, struggling to get up, or to do anything. I'm tired, I want to give up, but I have always been a fighter. And when my days are dark, I have someone there who cares. Someone who makes my life alittle easier. That's why I always want a hug.

To be honest; Lately, many things have happened to me. And, I haven't got a hug for a while...

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Anne >(^-^)<

Anne >(^-^)<

17, Lten

I guess I'm a "survivor" ;o